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Singer 2045 Stretch Needle


Singer 2045 Stretch Needles are tapered to sew smoothly through stretch fabric. These needles are branded as Singer however they can be used on most domestic sewing machines.

  • 130/705H-S system code
  • multi-size pack 70/09 and 80/11
  • pack of 5

More Information

The Stretch sewing machine needle is designed to work trouble free with highly stretchy fabrics. The special design stops skipped stitches and looping of thread under your fabric, and will give a neater stitch pattern.

Some things you might want to use a Stretch needle for:

  • For elastic or highly elastic knitted fabric
  • The more elastic the material, the more suited the stretch needle is (if in doubt, use the stretch needle).
  • Swimwear fabrics
  • Fine jersey, silk jersey, single jersey, velour cloth
  • Cotton knitwear