Mike's Sewing Machine Repairs

Beginner Computer Lessons

Looking for beginner computer lessons? At Mike’s Sewing Machine Repairs, Penny offers friendly and encouraging private and group computer lessons covering just about anything that you need to know. It doesn’t matter if you need help doing the very basics to get comfortable using your computer on your own, or would like to learn all of the ins-and-outs of complex software including digitizing programs, Penny can help you.

Private beginner computer lessons are a one-on-one 1-hour class with Penny, in our bright and friendly store in Morayfield, for $45. You’ll need your laptop, a mouse and a USB stick – and if you would like to, bring a little note book and Penny will take notes for you throughout your lesson, so you can concentrate on what you are learning. Topics that Penny can help you with are how to:

  • download files or embroidery files, and then find those downloaded files
  • organise your files or embroidery files
  • save your files or embroidery files to a USB stick
  • take files or embroidery files from a Disk and save them on a USB stick
  • find things online and use Google effectively
  • shop online
  • use Facebook
  • use Pinterest
  • use your email account
  • use MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint
  • understand digitizing and embroidery file management programs of just about any type

and any other thing that you’d like to know how to do.

To book your lesson, please give Penny and Mike a call to find a time that works for you: 0417 649 685.

Looking for help for more advanced programs? Penny also teaches private one-on-one 1-hour lessons for $95 on just about any mainstream program such as:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Facebook Business Page management
  • WordPress website management
  • Shopify online store management

To book for these lessons, please call Penny to discuss what you’d like help with: 0417 649 685

Group lessons will be listed in our class lists, and are generally always beginner focused. Penny is also very happy to book you and a couple of your friends into a group booking if there is something that you’d all like to know. Two computers in a 1-hour class is $25 per person and 3 people is or more is $20 per person, and Penny can teach a maximum of 3 currently (due to social distancing).

Not a local? Penny can teach you remotely via phone and using the remote access program Teamviewer. This is done after-hours and is $60 for beginners or $110 for advanced, for a 1-hour lesson. Please call Penny for more info: 0417 649 685