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Medium Tutto Trolley Bag


We love the Tutto sewing machine trolley bags! Unlike conventional machine trolley bags, Tuttos have 4 wheels so your machine travels flat rather than being tipped up, and because you pull them behind you long-ways, your machine doesn’t bang into any walls or doorways while you are trying to pull it along. This size fits most quilter’s sewing machines.

  • Sturdy and lightweight fiberglass frame protects contents
  • Side pockets for storage
  • Removable puller bar
  • Floating divider expands the depth
  • Both top and front openings for easy access
  • Multiple pockets to store tools, fabrics, etc.
  • Smallest of the range – please measure your machine!
  • This size is suitable for use as a carry-on bag for both Domestic and International

This product may not always be available to pick-up in-store immediately. If you are checking this out online, give us a shout to confirm we have your colour before popping down. Online orders are processed and shipped directly to you from Tutto’s wholesaler 🙂

More Information

Perfect for sewers, quilters, and designers! Inner straps secure your machine, while the sturdy, lightweight frame protects it. Stack up to 35 kilos of your other equipment and accessories on top. Collapses to 3″ when empty for easy storage. Tutto bags have a strong reputation for being strong sewing machine trolley bags. Made by luggage manufacturers who specialise in strong luggage and cases.

To best find your size…measure the length, width and height of your machine (or machine cover if you intend to keep your hard cover on) and add 2″.


  • Interior: 19″L x 12.25″H x 10″D
  • Top access: 15″L x 6.25″D
  • Exterior: 20″L x 14″H x 10″D
  • Front access: 17″L x 12″D
  • Weighs 4kgs

Shipping for This Product

Tutto bags have a shipping fee of $28 and are shipped to you directly from the wholesaler and are usually on the road next business day.

See It In Action (Extra Large being demonstrated)…

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Black, Red, Purple, Turqoise, Pink, Lime Green