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Make & Model: Singer 160

Their Pitch: Timeless Style and Modern Innovation!  Introducing the Singer 160  limited Edition sewing machine.  Created to commemorate  the Singer brand’s 160th year anniversary. This limited Edition machine takes design cues from the past and incorporates them into a timeless model that features all the current and easy to use features of the present. See how Singer is Sewing Made Easy.

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Type of Machine: Computerised Sewing Machine

What We Like: There is a comforting sense of nostalgia about the Singer 160, its design touching the hearts of those of us whose mother or grand-mother had a Singer machine sitting on a table in the lounge-room.  The appealing-looking design offers simple stitch selection, with a large work-bed. The lighting is quite bright and it is unusual for a machine in this price point to come with a generous 5 year warranty.

What We Find Frustrating: Singer’s decision to remind us of this machine’s ancestors sets the consumer up to expect a higher quality of performance.  The 160 isn’t terrible to use, but it does fall a little short to other machines in the same price point and it disappointingly feels a little clunky when sewing. 

Points That You Should Keep In Mind When Purchasing: Nostalgia is nice, but don’t forget that if you are choosing a machine to sew on every day, you should try sewing on this one to make sure that you are happy with the performance before you purchase.

Our Rating of the Singer 160 Out of Five:

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