Mike's Sewing Machine Repairs

Should I get my sewing machine serviced, or just buy a new one? We hear that question a lot, and the answer mostly depends on how you feel about quality and change. If you think back to when you bought your sewing machine (and there is usually a life event to measure it by like a 21st birthday, or a wedding)…how many pay-packets did you save to pay for it? Odds are that it was probably a lot of money for the day. To get the sort of quality that has lasted you this long, and the sewing performance that you are used to, you’ll need to spend more than you are led to think by the low-low-priced machines that you see advertised in department stores around the place. Or, if quality isn’t so important for what you are sewing these days, consider that you (or maybe your mum) might be so familiar with your current machine and its accessories, that a new one might be too difficult to adjust to and it just doesn’t get used. But you don’t need to make that decision right away. At Mike’s Sewing Machine Repairs, we can inspect your machine and advise you if it is (or is not) repairable, and of course, because we pride ourselves on our standing in the community, if Mike doesn’t think a service is a good idea, he’ll let you know too. Click HERE to see our machine servicing prices.