Mike's Sewing Machine Repairs

A sewing machine can give you the power to express your fashionable self. When it comes to shopping for clothes, it seems like one shopping centre is pretty much the same as the other with the same stores, and the same fashions. If you are looking to express your individuality, try breaking out your sewing machine and creating your own style. Sounds easier said than done? The first time you give it a try, it’s going to be a little tricky, but give it a weekend spent making some trials and errors and you’ll get it, and once you’ve mastered a pattern, you can tweak it and change it every time you make it. Sewing your own clothes is a rewarding process, not only because you can create to suit your personality, but there is really nothing better than replying to a compliment about your new skirt, with “Thanks, I made it myself!” Find the idea of dressmaking a little daunting? You can still jump in front of your sewing machine and create unique accessories like bags, clutches, hairbands, hats, scarves…and more and more and more. Stuck for ideas – find your local sewing shop (there’ll be one tucked away somewhere near you) or open up Pinterest and take a look at what other people like you are stitching (you can even pick up links to patterns like the skirt in our photo HERE)