Mike's Sewing Machine Repairs

Put your best sewing machine foot forward and you’ll find sewing special techniques not only easier, but the results will be better. Machine companies spend a large amount of time and money on researching and developing specialised sewing machine feet and accessories that make an enormous difference to both every day and more tricky or fiddly sewing. It’s easy to dismiss these items as unnecessary, but even something so seemingly simple in concept like an edge stitching foot will genuinely give you a smoother, more parallel top-stitch with less effort and allow you to sew faster. Even the feet that come standard with your machine have specific purposes, and you should take a moment to read your instruction book to see what they do. Take a look at the vast amount of feet available to you as accessories for your machine, and you’ll find yourself even trying more unusual techniques that they open up to you. If you are unsure about what foot to use to make your particular project work better for you, you should pop into your nearest sewing machine store and ask them their advice, (and don’t forget to get the right needle for the job too), or check out the Australian sewing machine company websites to see their accessory guides. As for those people who insist that you don’t need any “fancy feet”, keep in mind that sure, you CAN sew without them, but those “fancy feet” really will make the job so much easier.