Mike's Sewing Machine Repairs

Singer 160

Make & Model:

Singer 160/Singer 8768 Heritage

Type of Machine:

7mm Computerised Sewing Machine

What We Like:

There is a comforting sense of nostalgia about the Singer 160, its design touching the hearts of those of us whose mother or grand-mother had a Singer machine sitting on a table in the lounge-room.  The appealing-looking design offers simple stitch selection, with a large work-bed and the lighting is quite bright. The button-selection of stitches is fairly straight forward, as is changing width and length settings.

How Does It Sew on Denim?

The Singer 160 will sew denim without too much drama, but you may have to help it manage thicker layers like side seams when hemming

How Does It Sew on Stretch?

It is disappointing that there is no Lightning stitch on these, a stitch on many machines that looks like a straight but overlaps like a zig-zag allowing movement. You can sew your stretch on these using a narrow zig-zag setting but keep in mind that this does not look as good.

What We Find Frustrating:

This machine is noisy to use, and doesn’t have as many stitches to choose from as you’d expect from a computerised machine at this price point. This machine is good to look at, but the bed is a little awkward to sew on.

Points That You Should Keep In Mind When Purchasing:

You may find getting accessories for this machine a little difficult, however it does appear that many Brother feet will fit it.

How Much for a Private Lesson on This Model?

$45 for a 1-hour lesson with Penny at our Morayfield store.

How Much to Service this Model?

This would be our All Rounder’s Service and this is typically $135

Do We Sell This Model?

No – this tends to be most popular at Spotlight

Our Rating Out of Five: 2.5