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Duckbill Bent Applique Scissors

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These Duckbill Applique Scissors are PERFECT for in-the-hoop machine embroidery. Bent so you can snip flat in your hoop, sharp so you can snip neatly, and the broad “duckbill”🦆 blade holds your fabric flat so you can cut away excess material even closer to the stitch. Also excellent thread snips for the back of your quilted project (again, the broad blade lets you cut closer).

  • 150mm (or 5.75 inches) long
  • stainless steel
  • Sorry, not available as a lefty pair

Love in-the-hoop applique? For an even easier result, treat your fabric with some Best Press HERE.

More Information

Solid stainless steel Klasse Duckbill Applique Scissors are a traditionally styled scissor is easy to clean. Convenient mid sized scissors they are perfect for a wide variety of crafts and other uses – ideal for applique.