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Triumph Piccolo LED Mag Lamp


Big enought to see things, and small enough to not get in the way, this Triumph Piccolo LED Rechargeable Magnifying Desk lamp is bright, portable and slimline. Comes with rechargable USB cable so no bulky leads over your sewing area. Perfect for next to your machine for both light, and improved visibility.

  • sturdy and stable base
  • 3x magnifier
  • flexible neck
  • 70mm viewing area
  • dimming function for brightness control

More Information

Fantastic value this lamp offers all your desk and work lighting solutions in One unit. 3X magnifier for fine detail hobby and craft work, strong and powerful lighting. Rechargeable so you can work for hours and move it anywhere you’re working. Simply reposition the soft touch gooseneck for direction lighting while the diffuser cover improves your lighting comfort. Lightweight and easy to reposition. Soft Rubber covered goose neck. Sturdy base with soft grip feet

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