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Premium Applique Mat


Wow do we love this mat. A little different to your traditional teflon applique mat, this premium applique mat from Australia’s own Matilda’s Own brand is a combination of teflon and silicon to give a more versatile sewing buddy. Heat resistant, use it to fuse your applique pieces while keeping the glue intact, AND because you can see through it, you can lay your pattern template underneath and use it as an assembly guide. Markings give a fab guide when planning applique blocks, and the large size makes it super versatile. We also LOVE this as a non-slip mat for helping you hoop your embroidery frames. Pop this on the table under your hoop and it wond slide around while you are lining up your fabric (see video below).

  • 50cm x 50cm
  • See through for easy layout
  • Ironing safe
  • Silicone and Teflon combination
  • Pair up with 47cm Wool Ironing Pad and Birch Mini Iron for the perfect applique set up

More Information

This mat doesn’t mind the heat, but it doesn’t like being folded up. Please store flat or rolled.