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Wool Ironing Mat – Massive


This Wool Ironing Mat is massive! 17inches square (43cm) so you can work on even those big blocks. Why do you need a wool ironing mat? Not only do they make for less up-and-downing when needing to iron as you go…they are also very handy for laying out block pieces (the wool texture holds pieces in place so you can sit it up and look from afar to check your colours), and because they are portable you can take them to class.

  • 17inche square (43cm)
  • 100% pure New Zealand wool
  • 13mm thick
  • also available in 10inch square (25cm) HERE

Pair this up with the Birch Mini Steam Iron HERE and you have the ideal portable sewing sidekick combo!

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More Information

100% pure New Zealand wool ironing mat. Essential for any project where precise creases and seams are necessary. Use with or without steam, no black residue left on your iron, grips fabric as you iron. Wool is naturally heat resistant, it repels heat back into your fabric, essentially ironing the fabric from both sides at once! 13mm thick and can easily convert any flat sturdy surface to an ironing board.

Something you should know before ordering…we’ll do everything we can to prevent bendning of this during shipping, but because of its massive size, your packaging may get wrinkled.