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Unpicking Magnifier


This Unpicking Magnifier is actually technically called a Hands Free Magnifier, and you can use it for lots of cloes-up crafts like needlepoint and cross-stitch, but what we LOOOOvVe it for is unpicking. Now, we know you wont need to unpick often, but when you do you will love the extra help of this fab device. Hang it around your neck, and have both hands free to do your unpicking.

  • adjustable neck strap
  • cushioned rubber feet
  • bi-focal: half is 1.5 times other is 4.25 times magnification
  • 10mm (4 inch) viewing area

More Information

Ideal for all types of close-up work where you need to keep your hands free to do other things like:

  • embroidery
  • tapestry
  • needlecraft
  • mending and darning
  • stitching on buttons
  • and even reading