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Continuous Zipper Size 3 per 50cm


So much easier to use than a standard zip, continuous zip stops waste, can be split up to mix and match colours, and even used as a trim instead of piping! Excellent for in-the-hoop embroidery projects (no pull to get in the way while stitching on smaller machines).

  • size 3
  • 11 colours
  • nylon teeth
  • buy pulls separately
  • sold in 50cm units – need 1.5m? buy 3 lots of your zip

More Information

It will take you a couple of tries to do, but once you know how, getting the pulls on is easy! Can apply pulls in either direction so can make zipper double opening for duffle bags or sleeping bags.

How to Zipper Pull

Additional information


Teal, Hot Pink, Daffodil, Orange, Purple, Lime, Red, Royal Blue, Taupe, Black, White