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Iron-On Gems


These Iron-On Gems are the perfect way to make your project look extra-glam (or also very good for covering little mistakes). These mixed-sizes packs have approx 1200 iron-on rhinestones, in sizes varying from 2mm to 6mm, and are made of glass.

  • Glass
  • Round base
  • Crystal cut (not domed)

More Information

If you love machine embroidering fabulous looking things, then you’ll extra-love the glam that adding rhinestones will make. These are heat activate, so you’ll need the tip of your iron to set them (your Birch Mini Iron is handy for this kind of job), and probably best to have an applique mat too..

Breakdown of Pack

  • SS6(2mm) 450~500pieces
  • SS10(3mm) 250~300pieces
  • SS16(4mm) 120~150pieces
  • SS20(5mm) 80~100pieces
  • SS30(6mm) 40~50pieces

Additional information

Gem Colour

Crystal AB, Rainbow, Sapphire, Jet Black, Dark Siam, Emerald, Blue Zircon, Mixed, Rose Pink