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Clover Air Erasable Fabric Marker


The Clover Air Erasable Fabric Marker is something you’ll love or hate! Draws on your fabric with a clear, crisp line, and between 4 to 14 days (depending on your climate) the lines will disappear. Huge plus if you don’t want to remove your markings when done – especially handy for machine embroider projects…but also means that if you don’t get your project done right away, your markings might fade before you are done. Can also be washed out, and pen comes with an eraser just in case you need to make the lines gone right away!

  • double ended – pen one end, eraser the other
  • fine tip
  • washes out or fades away (4 to 14 days depending on your climate)
  • Thinking you might want your lines to last longer? Click HERE for the Clover Water Erasable Fabric Pen instead

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  • this fades away a few days after marking so you’ll need to use it as you go

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