Mike's Sewing Machine Repairs

Make & Model:

Spotlight’s Quilter’s Choice

Type of Machine:

Mechanical top-loading 5mm

What We Like:

This is a big machine with a sound sewing mechanism. By avoiding the addition of any electronic control for this machine, the Quilter’s Choice has not had to reduce the actual mechanical function to keep the price discounted. The wide throat, broad workspace, and long free-arm are unique to it’s price point. This machine actually sews fairly soundly.

How Does It Sew on Denim?

It will sew denim just fine.

How Does It Sew on Stretch?

There is no (to everyone’s disappointment) Lightning stitch on the Quilter’s Choice. This is a stitch on many machines that looks like a straight but overlaps like a zig-zag allowing movement. You can sew your stretch on these using a narrow zig-zag setting but keep in mind that this does not look as good. It is hardly surprising that this stitch is missing, as the entire interface and stitch function of this machine feels very similar to a popular mechanical model from the early 80s where a lightning stitch was uncommon.

What We Find Frustrating:

The actual stitching of this machine is quite good, but the interface is a little fiddly. The LED lighting is prone to flickering, and spare parts are unavailable – in fact, our biggest frustration is the lack of any spare parts – at all (and it should be said that we have attempted to get any other information from Spotlight, to be told that there are indeed no spare parts available).

Points That You Should Keep In Mind When Purchasing:

This machine has no spare parts available, and this INCLUDES the foot control. We have contacted several levels of customer support at Spotlight to be told that there are no spares AND we have tried EVERY OTHER foot control that we have access to without any luck (there MIGHT be one out there but we haven’t found it yet). Sadly, this means that the loss of or damage to an foot control renders this machine retired. Also, by trying to be a bigger machine, the sewing feet are 9mm feet (which is bizarre given that the maximum stitch width is only 7mm) so this means that there are also no replacement sewing feet – again, that we have been able to ascertain).

How Much for a Private Lesson on This Model?

$45 for a 1-hour lesson with Penny at our Morayfield store.

Do We Service this Model? How Much?

Yes we do. Typically this would be a $145 service

Do We Sell this Model?

No – if you are looking for a longer arm, try the Brother PQ1500SL HERE

Our Rating Out of Five: 2

No parts or accessories are an enormous let down for this machine.