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Elna 1000 Sewing Machines

Make & Model:

Elna 1000, Elna 2000 and Elna Sew Fun

Type of Machine:

Mechanical front-loading 5mm

What We Like:

The Elna 1000, Elna 2000 and the Elna Sew Fun all do a very good job at being a fairly sturdy little beginner’s sewing machine. Side-by-side all models have a front-loading bobbin which, while being a little fiddly to instal, is more reliable at this price point that a top-loading bobbin, and they also share the same 14 stitches and a 4-step button-hole. They sew ok, if not a bit noisy and handle some thicker layers without too much drama. Good quality for price (but don’t pay ‘full price’ for these).

How Does It Sew on Denim?

Side seams will be ok, but they will struggle on the double-turned hem when you get to the side seams.

How Does It Sew on Stretch?

There is no Lightning stitch on these, a stitch on many machines that looks like a straight but overlaps like a zig-zag allowing movement. You can sew your stretch on these using a narrow zig-zag setting but keep in mind that this does not look as good.

What We Find Frustrating:

Because these are a simple machine, there is no width adjustment which means that you can’t control the sewing position of the needle for a straight stitch – a handy feature when stitching in a zipper or sewing up binding.

Points That You Should Keep In Mind When Purchasing:

The Elna 1000, Elna 2000 and Elna Sew Fun are virtually the same machine, however the Elna 2000 has a plastic ankle, more difficult to use and prone to breaking. These models are often seen priced a little on the high side before they go on sale. Don’t pay more than $300 for these models

How Much for a Private Lesson on This Model?

$45 for a 1-hour lesson with Penny at our Morayfield store.

Do We Service this Model? How Much?

Yes we do. This would be our Beginner’s Machine Service that is typically $95

Do We Sell this Model?

Yes – and we include a FREE lesson to get you started. View HERE


Our Rating Out of Five: 3