Mike's Sewing Machine Repairs

Mike’s Sewing Machine Repairs believes in honest, up front pricing, and that you should know what your sewing machine service will cost you before you pop your machine in the car and drive on down.  We’re also proud of our pricing – well balanced to be affordable while reflecting the quality of both our servicing and our support.  Take a look at our Machine Service Price Menu, and if you’re not sure where yours fits in give us a call: 0417 649 685

Mender’s Machine Service: $90

These are a smaller, simple sewing machine that have no computerized components, and your buttonhole is a 4-step.  Your bobbin is tucked behind a drop-down cover at the front and is most commonly purchased from Spotlight or Lincraft.

Have a Lotus? You’ll be an All-Rounder’s Service.

All-Rounder’s Service: $130

This is a standard sized, or more durable sewing machine, with or without computerized stitch selections. You might be able to see your bobbin through your needle-plate and you may have some beautiful decorative stitches.

Quilter’s Service: $150

This machine is more powerful than the average, usually with a wider sewing space, and extra quilter’s favourite functions.  You may have a built-in even feed system or often use a walking foot, and your LCD screen is usually larger and often is a touch screen.

Embroiderer’s Service: $165

This machine is the perfect trio – an All-Rounder, PLUS a Quilter, PLUS Embroidery functions.  This is a sewing and embroidery machine with quilter’s sewing machine functions, and will have an embroidery arm, an embroidery hoop, and uses Wi-Fi, memory cards, or a USB stick to load designs.

Seam Stitcher’s Service: $145

This is a service for an overlocker with up to 4 threads. Your overlocker’s main function is to stitch seams, and has a knife to neatly trim fabric as it sews.

Dressmaker’s Service: $165

Looks like and overlocker, but with an extra spool of thread, this is a 5 to 8 thread combination overlocker and coverstitch machine that can sew seams and then chain-stitch stretch fabric hems.

Finisher’s Service: $140

This machine is a side-kick to your overlocker. Your coverstitch machine will only do chain-stitching and hemming, and has no cutting blades.

Just Embroiderer’s Service: $140

Looks like an embroiderer’s sewing machine, but this one doesn’t do any sewing other than embroidery in the hoop.  Typically, yours is a single-needle machine, has no foot control, and uses memory cards or a USB stick to load designs.

Tweek or Inspect: $25 – $70

Had a little hic-cup, but you don’t think that you need a service?  Book your machine in for an inspection and estimate to fix.  Once you give the go-ahead, your deposit will come off your finished bill.  This also includes insurance quotes.

Keep Your Machine at Home – Book N Sew!

NEW! We have added our new Book & Sew service option so you can keep sewing right up until just about the day of your service. Simply book your machine in for any of our sewing machine servicing online HERE, or with an easy phone call: 0417 649 685 and we’ll transact our usual $25 deposit over the phone. We’ll then pop your booking in the work queue and when your turn getting close, we’ll give you a call. You can bring your machine in and only be without it for a day or so.

General Info About Our Servicing

Just pop in – drop in with your sewing machine for its service, and pack some accessories (Click HERE for a list of what you’ll need).  We are open 9am – 4pm Tuesday to Friday; 9am to Noon Saturday, and we can carry your machine from your car if you need us to.

On-the-spot-help – we are always happy to have a quick look at your machine when you bring it to us and sometimes, to get you sewing faster, we can fix it while you wait. Please note that on-the-spot work that goes on Mike’s bench has a minimum fee of $15.

About our prices – when booking we always allow an extra $30 window for small parts or extra labour that we may discover that you need during the course of your service.  Anything greater than this additional amount – we will call you first, because we believe that you should always know what your repair will cost BEFORE the work is done.

We ask for a $25 deposit for all bookings, and this will come off of the price of your service or repair once completed.  Sometimes your repair estimate may be much higher than is cost effective, or your machine may be beyond a repair.  In this instances, your deposit will be used to cover the cost of inspecting and testing your machine.

Turn-around is usually 10 weekdays. We understand that you are going to miss your machine while it is here with us, and we’ll strive to get it back to you as soon as possible.  If you find yourself needing to keep on sewing, we are happy to offer you a courtesy machine at no charge (where available). Got lots of sewing to do and can’t be without your machine? Take us up on our Book & Sew offer Click HERE to book online, or give us a call: 0417 649 685

An important disclaimer that we are proud to make: the repair or servicing of some late models of embroidery machines and quilter's sewing machines can only be done by a technician who is also a certified sales agent of these models. Because we don't sell these models, we don't have this certification, and because we pride ourselves on our integrity, we adhere to this policy within the industry. This means that there are a handful of models that we don't service. If you are unsure about yours, please feel free to contact us before visiting. If we are unable to help you, we will happily direct you to someone who is able to do so. We strongly recommend that for these models, to protect your warranty, you should only take them to a certified dealer.