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Make & Model: Janome 500E

Their Pitch: Now designers can create projects to reflect their personal sense of style with the Memory Craft 500E. It’s easy to personalise, embellish and monogram home décor items, garments and accessories. With 160 built-in embroidery designs and 6 fonts for monogramming, the possibilities are endless. The MC500E has a maximum embroidery size of 7.9”x11” (200 x 280mm) and an extra wide table.  Designs are easily imported through a USB and edited through the machine’s advanced on-screen editing functions. Navigation through all of these features has become easier with the MC500E’s new LCD colour touch screen.

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Type of Machine: Embroidery Only

What We Like: The Janome 500E is big, powerful and smooth, embroidering through thick and thin materials alike with a comforting consistency. The enormous 8” by 11” hoop is stabilized by the addition of an included extension table around the bed of the machine, and the new improved thread-guide system eliminates twists and kinks which up until now have made embroidering with metallic threads incredibly frustrating!  The metal embroidery foot adds to the machine’s overall feel of quality, and the new internally mounted hoop makes it much easier to attach the hoop to the machine.  There are a lot of editing features included with Janome 500e that wasn’t available previously to this Janome price-range without software.

What We Find Frustrating: The new bigger and thicker hoop of the Janome 500E is a tight squeeze under the embroidery foot when attaching to the machine, even when the foot is lifted extra high, requiring more care when handling bulky items like towels.  The automatic threader involves a few too many steps and it can be easy to do this incorrectly and damage the needle threading unit.  By far, the most frustrating aspect of this machine is its awkwardness when travelling, with its sheer size and permanently attached embroidery arm making it not only cumbersome to lift in and out of a car, but it is also actually difficult to fit into a smaller vehicle at all.  Trolley bags are almost impossible to source – Janome has devised its own, however by necessity, it is also extremely large, and the wheels make handling the bag also very difficult.  The colour screen is large enough to work with, but the clarity is a little limited by the low screen resolution.

Points That You Should Keep In Mind When Purchasing: If you intend to keep your embroidery machine at home, then the Janome 500E is an excellent choice for both quality and value for money.  If you are looking for an embroidery machine to take with you to classes, it may be too bulky for you.

Our Rating of the Janome 500E Out of Five: