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At Mike’s Sewing Machine Repairs, we believe that the best thing for the longevity of your sewing machine, and the best result for your sewing, is to always use the sewing accessories and consumables recommended for your machine by your sewing machine brand. If you can’t pop in to a local sewing machine dealer (or there isn’t one near you anymore) to find out what’s right for you, then you can contact all of the major sewing machine brands’ customer service team and ask them what you need to know, and where you can purchase it from.

Here are some helpful contact details to make it a little easier for you to get the right advice…

Brother Australia

Brother International Australia

Phone: 02 9887 4344

Click HERE for More Brother Contact Us Page


Janome Australia


Phone: 1300 526 663

Click HERE for Janome Contact Us Page


Husqvarna Viking Australia

Husqvarna VIKING

Phone: 02 4337 3737

Click HERE for Husqvarna VIKING Contact Us Page


Pfaff Australia


Phone: 02 4337 3737

Click HERE for Pfaff Contact Us Page


Singer Australia


Phone: 02 8811 1900

Click HERE for Singer Contact Us Page


Bernina Australia

Bernina Australia

Phone: 1800 237 646

Click HERE for Bernina Contact Us Page


Elna Australia


Phone: 1300 693 562

Click HERE for Elna Contact Us Page


Toyota Sewing Australia


Phone: 1300 546 272 (via Lincraft)

Click HERE for Toyota Contact Us Page (via Lincraft)

Handi Quilter Australia

Handi Quilter

02 4337 3737

Click HERE for Handi Quilter Contact Us Page