Mike's Sewing Machine Repairs

There are times that you want to take your sewing machine with you. Sewing has always been a community thing, and there really isn’t another appliance around your house that you’ve spent so much money on and then pack it up and take it travelling.  That being said, if you treat them right, sewing machines are fairly robust things, but it is important to take a few steps to keep them safe and sound while you are out and about (or taking them on a trip to their technician).  For starters, keep it covered – whether it is in a trolley bag or using the hard cover, the best way to prevent both cosmetic and serious damage is to keep your machine protected.  You should also pay particular attention to your screen.  Often machines packed in trolley bags sustain damage to their screen because of loose items in that same bag (like foot controls, leads and accessories) or loose buckles and straps that are built into the bag but not fastened around the machine.  A good old-fashioned towel tucked over your machine is a great extra step to take.  The other key component to safe travel is to remove all of the “sticking out” accessories on your machine like the power lead, foot control, extra spool holder, or even walking foot.  Not only do you risk damaging these by catching them as you move your machine, but you also in the process, risk damaging the parts of the machine that they are attached to.  Finally, keep your foot control safe.  Replacement foot controls are expensive, and on your cherished older machines, difficult to replace, so avoid winding your foot control lead tightly around the unit as this can damage the connection, or pinch and damage the lead itself.

Once your machine is packed and ready to go into your car, be mindful of keeping your it upright.  Try not to place your machine on its side, back or front, and when in the boot, position it in such a way that its not going to topple as you scoot around a corner.

If you’d like to add a little more class than a towel over your machine, check out this blog page that we found by The Seasoned Homemaker featuring a variety of fun sewing machine cover patterns HERE.