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Clover Mini Wonder Clips


Clover Mini Wonder Clips are so much better than pins – quick and easy to apply, quick and easy to remove, and hold thicker or heavier layers of fabric effortlessly. Mini clips are especially good for smaller areas or openings, as the narrow point gives lots of pressure to a little spot.

  • 20 pieces in the pack
  • strong and firm grip
  • watch out for cheap knock-offs that break quickly

More Information

The small size works well with miniature patchwork, doll clothes, and all work that requires holding pieces together in tight sections.

20 pieces (10 blue/10 red)


  • Clip is small and strong, opens wide [5/16″ (8mm)] & has a firm grip
  • Clip base is flat for easy feeding to the presser foot
  • Seam allowance markings of 1/4 (7mm) and 1/2″ (12mm)