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Singer Pin Tuck Foot


The Pintuck Foot is a special foot used to create raised ‘tucks’ in the fabric. Traditionally, this technique was used to embellish heirloom garments but today you can often see pintucks on table or bed linens and fashion items. The Pintuck Foot works in conjunction with a narrow twin needle. The best results come from light weight fabrics such as batiste, silk and organdy. This foot has a series of evenly spaced grooves on the underside, which not only keep the tucks from being flattened as each row is sewn, but they ensure that each row sews perfectly parallel to the last. After the first tuck is sewn, the grooves are used as guides for the subsequent rows of stitching.

  • Great for embellishing clothing and linens
  • Use with a twin needle for beautiful raised tucks

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Suits the Following Models:

1108 HD6605C One
1507 HD6705C One Plus
1412 HD6805C 8770
1409 CP6355M 8763
1408 C5205 8768
2250 SC220 9960
2282 C430 9100
2273 XL400 6199
2268 XL550 6180
3221 XL580 6160
3223 CE-250 SE300
3210 CE-150 7256
3229 6660 7140
3232 6680 3333
1306 6699 3337
3323 7470 M3335
3321 7463 SM024
4411 7465 M2105
4423 7469 C430
4432 160 C7205
C7255 CE677 ME457

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