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Brother Hoop 130 x 180mm


The Brother Hoop 130x180mm is a favourite for everyone. A popular size for all sorts of embroidery, a lot of people keep 2 of these hoops – one to keep sewing while they cut excess fabric from applique designs in the other. Extra hoops are an excellent way to expand what you can do with your favourite embroidery machine.

  • 130mm x 180mm (good ol’ 5″x7″)
  • slide-in connection

More Information

Does This Fit Your Brother?

Will fit All of these Brothers…

  • Luminaire XP1
  • Luminaire XP2
  • Stellaire XJ1
  • Stellaire XE1
  • Stellaire XJ2
  • Stellaire XE2
  • Dream Machine
  • VM5200
  • VE2300
  • VM6200D
  • VM5100
  • VE2200
  • Quattro
  • NQ3700D
  • NQ3500D
  • NV2700
  • NV2600
  • NV880E
  • NV800E

Why are there 2 versions of this hoop?

  • EF74 will fit all models
  • EF74SAP includes position stickers for use with the app for the XJ1, XJ2, XE1 and XE2

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