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Brother Hoop 100x100mm


The Brother Hoop 100 x 100mm is fab for embroidery on smaller things like kid’s tees, or names on work shirts. Also ideal for little designs – no need to use as much stabiliser. Adding hoops to your collectins is an excellent way to expand what you can do with your favourite embroidery machine.

  • 100mm x 100mm (4 inches x 4 inches)
  • slide-in connection
  • 2 versions of this one – EF74SAP is for Stellaire models

More Information

Does This Fit Your Brother?

Recommended for All Brothers with a SLIDE-In type hoop.

Will fit All of these Brothers…

  • Luminaire XP1
  • Luminaire XP2
  • Stellaire XJ1
  • Stellaire XE1
  • Stellaire XJ2
  • Stellaire XE2
  • Dream Machine
  • VM5200
  • VE2300
  • VM6200D
  • VM5100
  • VE2200
  • Quattro
  • NQ3700D
  • NQ3500D
  • NV2700
  • NV2600
  • NV880E
  • NV800E

Why are there 2 versions of this hoop?

  • EF74 will fit all models
  • EF74SAP includes position stickers for use with the app for the XJ1, XJ2, XE1 and XE2

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