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Brother Walking Foot 7mm Open Toe


The Open Toe Walking Foot is a great problem solver. The top feeding action mirrors the feed dogs so your layers of fabric, quilting, toweling and even stretch fabric sews evenly without dragging or puckering.

  • this is for 7mm machines
  • Open to for better visibility

High shank machines will need a Low to High Shank Adapter HERE

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More Information

This Open Toe Walking foot is for all 7mm low-shank models of Brother sewing machines.

Is Your Machine 5mm or 7mm?

This is the maximum zig-zag width of your machine. Small machines tend to only have a width of 5.

Here’s a list of 5mm machines:

JS – Series, GS-Series, SL300, SL100, BM-Series, XL Series, LS-Series, Star 40E/30E/20E/20/15/10, VX-Series

Here’s a list of 7mm machines:

XV8550D, XV8500D,NV6750D/NV6700D/6000D, V-Series, NV4500D/4000D/4000, NV1500D, NV1200-Series, NV900/500-Series, QC-Series, Next F Series, NV200/400/600, NX200/400/600, NS-Series, SL500, FS series, DS-Series, CS-Series, PS-Series, Super Galaxie 3000-Series, Super Galaxie 2000-Series, Super Ace-Series, Star 230E/240E/140E/130E/120E/110

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