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Brother Walking Foot 5mm Models


Stop fighting with twist and puckers in your sewing project. This Walking foot or Even Feed foot grabs the fabric from both top and bottom to feed it under your stitch evenly. This stops your fabric from shifting and is super handy.

  • mimics your feed dog action on top of fabric as it sews
  • ideal for quilting or heavy layered sewing like curtain hems
  • 5mm size for smaller Brother sewing machines

Looking for a 7mm walking foot? Click HERE

More Information

Got a little Brother sewing machine with the bobbin behind a door at the front? Then this 5mm foot is the right size foot for you. For improved results when sewing or quilting on fabrics which tend to drag on the bottom of a presser foot, or sheer fabrics that are difficult to control. A walking foot helps you keep lines matching on multiple layers of plaid fabrics.

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Click HERE to Download the Brother Machine Accessory Guide

Is Your Machine 5mm or 7mm?

This is the maximum zig-zag width of your machine. Small machines tend to only have a width of 5.

Here’s a list of 5mm machines:

JS – Series, GS-Series, SL300, SL100, BM-Series, XL Series, LS-Series, Star 40E/30E/20E/20/15/10, VX-Series

Here’s a list of 7mm machines:

XV8550D, XV8500D,NV6750D/NV6700D/6000D, V-Series, NV4500D/4000D/4000, NV1500D, NV1200-Series, NV900/500-Series, QC-Series, Next F Series, NV200/400/600, NX200/400/600, NS-Series, SL500, FS series, DS-Series, CS-Series, PS-Series, Super Galaxie 3000-Series, Super Galaxie 2000-Series, Super Ace-Series, Star 230E/240E/140E/130E/120E/110

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