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Brother Ruffler Foot


Make ruffles in minutes with this very awesome Ruffler Foot for your Brother machine! You’ll love watching the mechanics of this very clever foot.

  • make pleats or ruffles
  • control the spacing between pleats
  • control the gather of the ruffles

High Shank models will need a Low to High Shank Adapter HERE

More Information

Put this ruffler attachment on your Brother sewing machine to whip up decorative ruffles on clothes, pillow cases, aprons, dresses, etc., with a totally professional look. Ruffling can be completed with continuous, precision feeding, allowing you to finish your work quickly. This foot picks up the fabric to form the ruffle, and stitches it into place all in one almost hypnotic action.

Watch this…

Click HERE to Download the Brother Machine Accessory Guide