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Brother Blind Hem Foot


This is technically a Blind Hem foot but it also makes a fabulous adjustable topstitching foot. The centre guide can be moved to stitch your blind hem, and as this is a moveable guide, you can run it along a seam or fold for topstitching too.

  • Available in 5mm or 7mm
  • Adjusts with a thumbscrew no nice and secure


More Information

This Brother Blind Hem foot is suitable for all models of Brother sewing machines.

Is Your Machine 5mm or 7mm?

This is the maximum zig-zag width of your machine. Small machines tend to only have a width of 5.

Here’s a list of 5mm machines:

JS – Series, GS-Series, SL300, SL100, BM-Series, XL Series, LS-Series, Star 40E/30E/20E/20/15/10, VX-Series

Here’s a list of 7mm machines:

XV8550D, XV8500D,NV6750D/NV6700D/6000D, V-Series, NV4500D/4000D/4000, NV1500D, NV1200-Series, NV900/500-Series, QC-Series, Next F Series, NV200/400/600, NX200/400/600, NS-Series, SL500, FS series, DS-Series, CS-Series, PS-Series, Super Galaxie 3000-Series, Super Galaxie 2000-Series, Super Ace-Series, Star 230E/240E/140E/130E/120E/110

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