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Brother Adapter S High Shank to Low


If you have a top-of-the-range Brother sewing machine, then you will have your needle screw higher than normal, and your machine is a High Shank Machine. This means any accessory that uses your ankle screw to attach to your machine (like a free motion foot) will sit too high to work. You will need this adaptor to add an extra ankle screw at the more typical low-shank location.

  • Usually is supplied as standard with your machine to take a quick look before you Add to Cart
  • See below for all models that are High Shank

More Information

This High Shank Adapter is for High-Shank machines to allow you to use Low Shank accessories like the Ruffler Foot.

These Machines are High Shank

  • Luminaire
  • Stellaire
  • Dream Machine
  • Quattro
  • 6200
  • 5200
  • 5100
  • VQ3000
  • VQ2400

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