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Brother Bobbin Fill 5500m

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Get the right results with the right Brother Bobbin Fill for your embroidery machine. Your machine’s bobbin case is pre-tensioned to get best results with these threads. If you’re finding your bobbin thread is pulling to the top, it’s usually that your bulk spool of bobbin fill’s size is too thin. Bobbin fill is often misunderstood by retailers, so if you are having trouble, feel free to pop in or give us a call: 07 5359 7177

  • Using a Brother embroidery-only machine (so no sewing just embroidery)? You’ll need 90 weight (aqua spool end)
  • Using a Brother combination embroidery and sewing machine (so you can sew or embroider)? You’ll need 60 weight (grey spool end)
  • Using any Janome embroidery machine? Brother 90 weight is also good for Janome embroidery machines,
  • Using a Spotlight Pink embroidery machine? Brother 90 weight is good for that too.

Specs for Brother Bobbin Fill

  • White
  • 5 x 1100m spools
  • 100% polyester
  • Soft finish


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We sell genuine Brother accessories, not pretend look-alikes. Don’t forget that you can always call us for more help or info: 07 5359 7177

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