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Towel Topper Solvy Stabilizer


Towel Top Solvy Stabilizer is perfect for towels, or anything with lots of fluff going on. Lay this over your fluffy material to hold your fibers flat so your stitches don’t get lost in all the fluff. You might hear someone refer to towel fibers poking out from between your embroidery stitches as “pokies”. Use on towels, fur, polar fleece, or even just lofty stretch fabrics. It’s important to note that this isn’t strong enough to actually stabilize your embroidery so you should still use an actual stabiliser underneath

  • Price is Per Metre OR buy a 10m roll
  • 30cm wide
  • washes away in water so don’t get it wet

This product is sold in metre lots. eg: if you order quantity of 3 you will get 3 metres OR as a 10metre roll.

More Information

Sold in metre lots – price is per metre 😊

Care Instructions

To remove excess, tear-away. Anything left behind will wash away. Don’t directly iron.

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1 metre, 10 metre roll