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Clover Wonder Clip Variety Pack


A little bit of everything, these wonderful Clover Wonder Clips are durable, with smooth, snag-free edges, and are mixed sizes – small, medium and large! Now, we know you’ve seen lots of bargain clips around the place, but these are high-quality, easy to open and close, gripe firmly.

  • Mini Wonder Clips: Temporarily position pieces for quilts, miniature patchwork or doll clothes.(10 pcs.)
  • Wonder Clips: Temporarily position piping, sleeve location or zipper placement. (10 pcs.)
  • Jumbo Wonder Clips: Useful for positioning quilt bindings, pouch openings and bag handles.(6 pcs.)

More Information

Lots of Uses:

There is lots and lots of ways these can help you in your sewing room. Here’s a few of our favourites:

  • Sewing zips.
  • Holding binding for hand sewing AND machine sewing.
  • Keeping pleats together.
  • Replace pins in general sewing.

Cautions from Clover

Remove the clips before feeding the fabric under the presser foot. Jumbo clips: Do not allow metal spring section to remain exposed to moisture.