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Clover Chaco Liner Pen


The Clover Chaco Liner Pen is a fine chalk powder with a little wheel that lays the chalk as you roll. Give a quick and easy to see mark that brushes off. We range white and yellow.

  • easy to hold pen-style roller
  • easy to see markings especially good for dark fabrics
  • brushes off, but you might need to wash with some detergent to get it all out

Want an easy-to-see line for dark fabrics that you can remove with an quick iron? Click HERE for the Clover White Fabric Marking Pen.

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Fine point permits accurate drawing of both straight lines and free hand curves. The Refill Cartridge for Chaco Liner Pen Style (soldĀ separately) is easy to replace when the powdered ink runs out.


  • Fit the cap to bottom of the pen during use for added length and easy drawing.
  • Pat the powdered ink to erase lines and marks. Wash fabric with detergent to remove any persistent marks.

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Yellow Chalk, White Chalk