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mySewnet Gold Edition


mySewnet Gold is the mid-range level of the awesome mySewNet machine embroidery software program. From the same people who brought you the very popular 6D, Premier Plus, and Premier Plus Ultra, this Gold level is for viewing and editing embroidery designs, with the addition of creative packs too. Creative wizards including automatically creating designs from cliparts, quilting blocks with stippling, and stitches from photos, let you be creative and gives you lots of versatility, but it doesn’t have any specific digitizing features that let you get into the nitty-gritty of detailed and controlled digitizing, or customizing fill stitches.

  • multi-format so you can work with any type of embroidery machine
  • easy to use tab-style layout with hover-over info boxes to explain what buttons do what
  • excellent font and lettering functions
  • lots of creative step-by-step wizards
  • no awkward security dongle
  • lots of support from Penny – even if you aren’t a local (online learning available)

More Information

We only sell products that we like and support. mySewNet is the only embroidery software that Mike’s sells, and every package comes with support including 6 learn-along videos that you have FREE access to with purchase and some free lessons with Penny to get you started (either in person or via Team Viewer online for out-of-towners)

There are 3 levels of mySewnet machine embroidery software:

  • Silver: $790
  • Gold: $1490
  • Platinum: $2790

and with each level comes more and more creative inclusions.

What’s In Gold?

This Gold package focuses on getting the most out of your huge collection of embroidery designs, doing all the basic manipulation including resizing, rotating and mirroring, and has lots of font and lettering options. PLUS, it also includes editing functions, and lots of creative wizards to make your own designs. Here’s the rundown…

Why We Like It…

  • easy to use and familiar Word-like feeling
  • font program is awesome
  • have lots of fun using Super-Designs and Encore
  • Modify lets you break up designs to get new ones
  • automatic digitizing using simple-to-follow step-by-step creative wizards

Keep in mind: this program does lots of creative designing, but not in-depth digitizing, but that also means you don’t pay for stuff you don’t need. Feel you’d like to get really into the nitty gritty of digitizing, including full control over things like fill patterns and stitch directions? Think about PLATINUM at $2770 instead.

All The Basic Functions – for Silver, Gold and Platinum Software:

  • Centre in Hoop
    • quickly align your design to the middle of your hoop
  • Change Colours of Designs
    • customize existing embroidery designs from your collection in your own colour choice and save
  • Color Sort
    • got more than one design to sew in the same hooping? Sorts colours so all of the same colour sew at once to reduce rethreading
  • Copy, Paste, Insert & Duplicate
  • Open, Save & Export
    • Save on-going work and then export it in the design format that you use for your machine
  • Print Worksheet
    • line up your designs on your garment by printing a template first
  • Rotate, Mirror & Flip
  • Scale Design
    • resize a design and recalculate the stitches need to add or remove to maintain the right density
  • View
    • change how you view your worksheet – 3d stitch simulation, or 2d stitch layout
  • Thread Cache
    • work with colours in the brands of embroidery thread you use
  • QuickFont for Embroidery Fonts
    • create your own functional embroidery fonts with fonts built-in to your computer
  • Film Strip View
    • easily identify all of the parts of your embroidery design, and change the order
  • Align Horizontal/Vertical
    • got 3 designs in a row? Line them up easily through the centre, on the left or on the right
  • Order
    • easily rearrange the order of your individual designs in a multi-design layout
  • Group
    • once you’ve put a couple of designs together, group them so they are easier to handle and edit
  • Color Tone
    • change the thread colors in the selected embroidery or group of embroideries
  • Life View
    • see a 3D, interactive image of your embroidery designs
  • Design Player
    • run a virtual simulation of your embroidery design to see how it sews before you hoop up – awesome for applique or in-the-hoop embroidery designs
  • Lettering
    • lots of built-in lettering fonts, lettering styles and layouts
  • Super Designs
    • lots of built-in everyday embroidery designs ready for you to use in any size
  • Encore
    • have fun making quick frames and design layouts that repeat a design in different layouts like circles and corners
  • Endless Assistant
    • use any embroidery design and set it up to easily stitch, rehoop and stitch again to give an endless effect
  • Split Project
    • take a big design and split it up into smaller pieces to fit into your smaller hoops – assemble it as you go

Extra Gold Features…

  • Modify
    • break apart any embroidery design into pieces, or edit them, right down to each individual stitch. For example, remove the stem from a flower, or remove the fill of and embroidery design and just keep the outline
  • Spiro Design
    • create beautiful spirograph designs in various colours and sizes
  • Express Design
    • create embroidery designs all of your own by converting clipart into stitches. Good for logos
  • Express Monogram
    • design beautiful monograms with lots of options
  • Family Tree
    • a wizard to plan and stitch a tree with all of your family
  • Photostitch
    • pick a family photo and convert it to stitches
  • Project in the Hoop
    • choose from a variety of in-the-hoop project templates (like book covers or coasters) and customize them to fit your own size
  • Quilt Block
    • set your block size and then fill it with all sorts of quilting stippling, or echo around an existing design
  • Word Sculpt Basic
    • make some creative fun designs with letters inside shapes
  • Import Fonts from Embroidery
    • if you’ve bought a set of embroidery designs that make up individual letters (fancy A fancy B etc), import them and then type with them so that they become a font
  • Border
    • import a design, or create a new one, and then effortlessly add borders, corners or flourishes around it
  • Frame Design
    • make a frame from an assortment of shapes, to fit a design, or use them on their own
  • Applique
    • easily identify the applique components of an existing embroidery design, and add a visual applique background to it

Specs For Your Computer:

This is highly-featured program needs a computer with Windows 10, and a minimum of 4gm Ram. Not Sure? Give Penny a call and talk to her about your computer or for advice on buying a new one: 07 5359 7177

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I update this software? All the glitters is Gold, and it’s always gold – this is a stand-alone platform and you can’t upgrade it to the more powerful Platinum.

Do I need a security dongle? Nope – you’ll purchase and own this software and use it on all of your computers without having to find (or worry about losing) a security dongle.

Do I own this outright? Yep – this isn’t a lease program with a monthly subscription. Once you’ve purchased you’ll own this outright, with no monthly fees.

What do I get? You’ll get a purchase pack that includes set-up instructions, booklets, and a security registration key. This is ordered and supplied to you upon order. The actual program is downloaded by you so you don’t need an old-fashioned cd-rom to make it work. Think you’ll need help installing? Penny does this for free upon purchase – including people out of town.

Do I get support? Sure! You’ll get free installation on your laptop, and free 1-hour lessons with purchase – 1 for Silver, 2 for Gold and 3 for Platinum. You’ll also get exclusive access to 6 free learn-along videos.

Can I do more lessons? Lots of people do private, regular 1-hour lessons with Penny, or you can book a 1-hour one every-now-and-then lesson as you need it. Single lessons are $45 for the hour, or scheduled on-going lessons are $30 for the hour. Penny can do these either in person, or online via Team Viewer and a phone call

Additional information