Mike's Sewing Machine Repairs

So, you want to sew, and you’ve decided to buy a sewing machinethat’s exciting news! and sewing is a satisfying and rewarding creative outlet. We are often asked for advice when buying a machine, and we generally reply with an age-old adage – “buy the most expensive that you can afford”. Sewing machines, even the most simple ones, are filled with moving parts and the cheaper the machine, the less reliable the interaction of these parts tends to be. A machine with limited quality, will more-often-than-not frustrate you by either failing to meet your performance expectations (such as not sewing a straight seam, or giving you trouble when sewing on more difficult fabric), or by simply not working reliably. There is a place for low-budget, entry-level machines, but it’s important to remember that, despite TV advertising to the contrary, these machines are just not made for everyday work. When looking for your new machine, keep in mind that sewing machines can retail in excess of $10,000! and this means that $99 for a machine is really, really, really a budget model. You don’t need to spend thousands and thousands, but there is an awful lot more variety out there than only the cheapest options. If you need advice purchasing a new machine, find a dealer where you can see the machine in action, or feel free to pop into our workshop or give us a call to seek some recommendations. Remember – if you aren’t happy with your machine, you wont be happy sewing and that would be a shame.