Mike's Sewing Machine Repairs


Looking for a beginner’s sewing lesson, how to use your embroidery machine, to build some dressmaking skills, or just for a nice way to get out for the house for a couple of hours? At Mike’s we have a bright classroom, and lots of little classes with no more than 4 students, so you have plenty of space and heaps of attention. Penny teaches lots of “how to” workshops, and we have invite local tutors to bring their own ideas and projects as well.

Maybe a group lesson isn’t right for you? Penny also teaches private, one-on-one lessons for $45 for the hour.

Please note – we love classes! But lots of people find classes, glasses and masks a frustrating combo so we’ve eased down our class list during Covid mask restrictions. Stay tuned – as soon as masks are off our classes are on! Sign up for our Newsletter HERE to stay in touch.

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