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32mb ATA Memory Card


32mb ATA Memory Card for Janome MC300E embroidery machine

  • Hard-to-find low 32mb storage memory capacity
  • Comes with protective plastic case


More Information

32mb ATA Memory Card for is suitable for your Janome MC300E embroidery machine. This is a generic brand ATA flash card that we have sourced to help keep owners of the popular Janome 300E embroidery machine sewing while. This card has a low 32mb storage capacity, perfect for the limited processing power of your Janome 300e embroidery machine.

You will need an ATA Card Adaptor to plug this into your 300E, and an ATA Read/Writer USB to transfer files to it from your PC. We have sourced all 3 items to keep you sewing.

Please note that these are a generic brand, and while we have tested these on several makes an models, they are not supported by Janome in any way and we always recommend testing on your individual machine.

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Janome 300E

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