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My overlocker was sewing fine. I re-threaded it and now it wont stitch – why?

Overlockers are a fussy machine and there is a couple of things that you need to keep in mind when re-threading. First of all, thread order is important. Even though our head is telling us to work from the left to the right, overlockers generally need you to thread from the right to the left. You need to thread your loopers first to make sure that the final order of your threads all catch each other to form a stitch, are in the right order.

Secondly – needles. Make sure that you have the correct needles for your overlocker model. Many overlockers don’t use a standard sewing needle. If you are unsure, check your user manual, look for a little sticker somewhere near your needles on your overlocker, or give your overlocker manufacturer a CALL. Needles are like people – flat at the back – so make sure you have them in the right-way-around, and expect your needles to be offset at different heights. This is normal for an overlocker, and makes sure that when you have pushed your needle as high up as possible in the needle block, the needle is in the right place for your loopers.

Once you have that step all sorted, finally you should check whether all of your threads are actually caught in the tension of your overlocker, and not just laying over the top trying to trick you. To check this, firmly grab each thread on each side (before and after) of the tension dial of your overlocker, then give a firm pull to make sure the thread is dragged in between the tension disks. Do this for each thread, including the needle threads.

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