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I can’t find my Janome embroidery files on my USB stick once it is plugged into the machine. Where are they?

First thing to check is that your USB stick is not too big. Try to stay under 2GB sticks – which you’ll find tough to buy from a shop any more (you’ll most likely need to buy them online). Your machine’s memory might struggle to actually handle the amount of memory on a stick larger than this.

Second thing to check is if you have put the right format of files on your stick. Janome machines will only read files that have the extension .JEF (Janome Embroidery Format). Check that these are the files on the stick – people often put .JPG files on their sticks by mistake (photos of the embroidery design) – you can put these on your stick but your machine wont notice that they are there.

Finally (and this is the most common reason), your Janome designs need to go into a specific folder on the USB stick called embf5. The best way to explain this is to compare your machine and embroidery designs on a stick, to you in a library. If you could only read English, then you would only go to the English book section of the library. Once there, you would browse the books until you found the one that you wanted. In the same way, when you put a USB stick into your Janome machine, it is programmed to only look in the embf5 section of the stick. It can read any designs inside this folder, letting you browse for what you want. Just like you wouldn’t notice an English language book in the foreign-language section of the library, your machine won’t notice an embroidery file anywhere else on a USB except in the embf5 folder. The best way to make sure that your USB stick is ready to be read by your machine, with the embf5 folder installed on it, is to format the USB stick on the sewing machine itself. To do this on a Janome 350E (and it’s pretty similar on other models):

  • make sure that there is no information on the USB stick that you want to keep as formatting wipes previous data off it
  • turn on machine
  • plug in USB stick
  • on screen choose MODE, then SET
  • scroll through pages until you see FORMAT
  • choose USB option – TAKE CARE not to choose MACHINE option or you’ll clear the designs built-in to the memory of your machine
  • wait patiently for a minute
  • remove USB
  • check it has been done by plugging USB stick into your computer and you will see the embf folder

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One thought on “I can’t find my Janome embroidery files on my USB stick once it is plugged into the machine. Where are they?

  1. sharon newport

    thank you so much for this info. I am having difficulty getting my designs onto the usb but I think it is because the stick is too large and I am going to try a smaller one. Hope this works. I will follow your instructions once I have purchased it.

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