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Mike is my little brother, and we’ve worked together for years – Mike servicing sewing machines for, and myself the manager of, a vibrant sewing machine and patchwork store. When that store sadly closed in 2017, Mike and I set up Mike’s Sewing Machine Repairs on our own.

I’ve always had my hands in machines being serviced by Mike – holding things while he connects other things, helping to find out why that stitch isn’t doing what it should, or listening to a weird noise to see exactly where it is coming from. But now I’m actively training in servicing sewing machines myself, and as I’ve started doing this task in it’s entirety, I find myself with a somewhat unique perspective – that of a keen sewing enthusiast.

As I began discovering things that I as a sewer found curious or remarkable, it occurred to me that maybe other sewing lovers would find these things just as fascinating – so I thought I’d start a blog. As I slowly develop my skill set, and service a machine with my own hands (and Mike reassuringly beside me), it’s my intention to write my thoughts for that particular service in the hope that you might find it interesting…

I’d love to read your comments on these posts, and if you find them really interesting, it’d be fabulous to see them being shared.


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