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Make & Model: Brother NS55

Their Pitch: The perfect choice for those who want to get more creative, the NS55 offers 135 stitches including 10 buttonhole styles selected via the touch of the key pad. The built-in lettering can be used to create simple labels, you can even combine up to 35 different stitches to create your own stitch patterns and store in memory pockets for future use. Lightweight and portable the NS55 will easily travel to classes or take pride of place in your sewing room.

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Type of Machine: Sewing Machine

What We Like: The NS55 has a nice range of lots of handy functions (probably the most feature-packed in its class) with a good range of decorative stitches, including alphabet, the ability to stop with the needle either up, or anchoring in the fabric automatically, a start/stop butting allowing the user to sew without a foot control (good for those confined to a chair), and a one-touch semi-automatic needle threader.  The NS55 is comfortable to sew on, with minimal clatter from the bobbin (usually an issue with machines in the NS55’s price point), and is a good balance of being stable for sewing without being too heavy to lift or carry.

What We Find Frustrating: The multitude of versatile functions are contained inside a menu that is somewhat difficult to navigate.  While this machine is a good all-rounder its lack of foot pressure control makes it less than ideal for users who want to tackle lots and lots of quilting.

Points That You Should Keep In Mind When Purchasing: The NS55 sewing machine is a good balance of quality and value for money, and its modern styling and variety of features makes it an appealing choice.  The NS55 is easy to carry for classes and sewing groups, and is a good way to get started into dressmaking and sewing at a hobbiest’s level.

Our Rating of the Brother NS55 Out of Five:

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