Mike's Sewing Machine Repairs

Take Your Overlocker For A Run

You love your overlocker but you just don’t use it very often? Story of so many sewing enthusiasts, but if you want longevity out of your overlocker, you need to take it out of the cupboard and give it a run! Overlockers don’t like being cooped up and standing still, with lack of use being one of the biggest causes of irreparable damage to these otherwise sturdy mechanical machines. A lot of “fluff” is generated when fabrics are being cut by the overlocker’s cutting knives , and while you’ll catch a lot of it and throw it away, a surprising amount also gets drawn into the moving parts of the machine that you can’t see. Then you pack up your overlocker and pop it away, and over a long period of not being used, that fluff settles and being absorbed into the lubricants of the moving parts, swells, dries and hardens. This seizes the mechanisms of the overlocker, and when you next want to stitch an edge, you’ll find the flywheel seized so tightly that you can’t turn it. No need to panic yet – often Mike can rescue your overlocker, but sadly, sometimes it can’t be saved. A good way to avoid this is to give you overlocker a run every now and then – just for a couple of minutes, to get the parts and the lubricants moving. Regular servicing removes built-up fluff and lint to keep your overlocker running smoothly, and we recommend that if you sew once a week, you should get any machine serviced once a year.

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